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Designed by an F&B Professional with over 20 years of bar, nightclub and restaurant experience

Is your restaurant or bar still using spreadsheets or word docs for record keeping or employee communication?

R3ports.Com is a suite of software modules built for iPhone and Android phones and designed to allow Food and Beverage managers an alternative way to keep track and communicate daily tasks between management and staff. Our proprietary tip reporting software, TipReports can be used to calculate tips and gratuities so you can save time and the headaches that revolve around using Microsoft Excel to run your payroll. Need to check the age of your patrons? Use our industry leading ID scanning software, DoorMetrics which is used by thousands of bars, clubs, hotels and casinos around the country. Our newest application, Incidentrics is built on the DoorMetrics platform and was designed to make recording incidents more efficient and more detailed than ever before.

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Built & designed for F&B Managers:

Tip calculations and distribution

The heart of our system is the advanced flexible algorithm that adapts to your unique tip reporting system. No more Excel spreadsheets or complex formulas. Simply check a few boxes, add in the percentages to pay out each staff and let the application do the work for you.

24/7 cloud database is built on a solid and secure cloud network. Allowing managers and staff to access data from anywhere at anytime.

Automated email and SMS communication*

Many of the built in reports generated in the application automatically email staff and managers when new data is submitted or changed. This makes things extremely efficient and transparent.

Employee performance tracking

TipReports allows you to run many different reports aside from just tip related. Sales performance charts and reports generated in the app allow you to pinpoint your best or weakest staff members. Quickly see who your best server instead of just guessing.

Incident Reporting

Traditional incident reports are done by a manager using a pen and paper on a clipboard. STOP THE MADNESS! Our incident reporting software, Incidentrics, allows management to record every detail about an incident using their own mobile phone. The app allows you to attach multiple people to one incident as well as collecting photos, responder information. Don’t let a misplaced incident report cause your business to lose thousand’s of dollars in a lawsuit.

Daily venue recaps

Many restaurants and bars require their management to send out a daily recap to owners at the end of each shift. With you can streamline that process and make it part of your system. Automatic emails are sent out and your owners and their managers are more informed than ever before.

Advanced reporting and analytics

There is so much data that can be generated from the employee sales, tips and hours worked. No extra work is required from your managers however you can easily run reports like: employee sales by hour, by shift, top sales, top earner, etc.

Payroll software friendly

When you are ready to run payroll, simply download the ‘payroll file’ which is automatically generated as a .CSV file compatible with the leading payroll companies such as ADP and Paychex.

Maintenance tracking and follow up

Do your managers or staff have a habit of forgetting to report maintenance issues? With our integrated maintenance tracking system you can easily see new, pending or completed maintenance tasks. You can even assign a maintenance task to a specific person to make sure its gets done quickly and on time.

…with service industry staff in mind:

Daily breakdown of tips

One of the biggest reasons for staff turnover is because of a lack of understanding on how payroll works. With the staff can log in and see exactly how many hours and how much in tips they earn for EVERY shift. Without the need for managers to open an Excel spreadsheet.

Online work availability

Keep track of your staff’s schedule requests with an easy to use schedule availability module.

24/7 online access for staff and management

Since is built on via a cloud based website, the staff has access 24 hours per day to their data. Staff only have access to THEIR OWN data and will not be able to see any of their coworkers info.

Online employee schedules

Create your schedules any way you like and upload the JPEG or PNG file to Simple yet highly effective way to make sure all of your staff have 24/7 access to the schedule.

Vacation reqests and approval is a 2 way communication tool for your staff and managers. No more emails about time off or vacation requests…everything is done online and via the robust database to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

Online training/meeting calendar

When staff miss a meeting, they love to use the excuse that they weren’t aware of a required meeting or “no one told me about it”. When a staff logs into, the first thing they see is the training calendar. It’s obvious that staff are logging in to see how much money they made and now managers can be certain that all FOH staff are aware of every meeting or training that is scheduled.

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